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Rafael nadal vs Roger Federer 

Watch Here Live🔴►【 Rafael nadal vs Roger Federer  Live Streaming

Watch Here Live🔴►【 Rafael nadal vs Roger Federer  Live Streaming

  • A month after they met in France, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will meet for the 40th time on the court- this time on the grass in London. On the green, the Maestro definitely has the advantage, as his style of play is more suited to this surface- aggressive and deep shots, excellent net play, fast first serve and high-bouncing kick serve are his main weapons, with which the Swiss has won the Wimbledon 8 times. Also, the grass accelerates the ball much more, which gives his opponents less time to react. This year Federer is 10-0 on grass and has lost only 4 sets. At Wimbledon he has only lost 2 sets and averages an astonishing 83% points won on first serve.

  • The King of Clay this year shows his game has definitely improved on the grass. He has only lost 1 set so far in London (against Nick Kyrgios) and has been brutally dominant in his other 4 matches. However, his game still suffers from the fast grass and isn’t as effective as it is on clay. Yes, he doesn’t face troubles against lower-ranked players, but in the match against Kyrgios he surely wasn’t comfortable and had it not been for the weak psyche of the Australian in the two tiebreaks, Rafa could have been out in the second round.

  • Up until now, Federer has been more efficient in London than Nadal. Higher percentage in points won on first serve, higher percentage in break point conversion. Yes, he sometimes enters the matches a bit slow (as it was against Harris and Nishikori), but after hitting top speed, there is no stopping the Maestro. Nadal proved he is the better on clay once again in Paris, but this around, it looks as if Federer is to take the match on the grass in London, in spite of Nadal’s improvement on the green.

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